A social dance event for Argentine Tango that is a place for every skillset to enjoy dancing and meeting new people.  This is not a place or time to give or receive large amounts of instruction about your dancing – just to work with what you know and have fun.




Asking a person to dance by making eye contact and nodding towards the dance floor.  If they hold eye contact, the lead walks to the follow to and brings them to the dance floor.  Take them back where you found them at the end of the tanda.

Note: It is good to wait until a tanda starts and you hear the kind of music/composer before you ask someone to dance via cabaceo.  This ensures you will have a better chance of dancing to music you like.


A set of 3 or 4 songs in a row that may be tango, vals, milonga, or alternative.  Once you cabaceo someone you commit to dancing the entire tanda with them.
Note: If you turn someone down for a tanda verbally, it is polite to wait until the next tanda before you go to dance with someone else.


30 seconds or so of a non-tango song played between tandas to designate the end of a set of songs.

"Thank You"

... is the magic phrase.  This means you are DONE dancing with someone.  Only say thank you in the middle of a tanda if you are physically or mentally uncomfortable dancing with that person.  Take them back where you found them and part ways nicely.  It is impolite to pick up another partner to finish off the tanda.
Note: If someone doesn’t return your cabaceo, that’s ok.  Try again later but don’t be discouraged about dancing.  Hovering around someone to get a cabaceo is a no-no.

Attire & Hygiene

Business casual, or as fancy as you want to be.  Collared shirts, skirts, dresses, and nice pants all work well.  As for hygiene, make sure to not be stinky, but please avoid overdoing perfume or cologne.  If you are going to eat rich foods right before tango, brush your teeth and bring some mints or gum.