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Past Teachers


Started his Tango-Voyage in 2013, Kyle learned through a friend about the magic of Tango and first started taking lessons at the SOU Tango club. With little dance expirience before then, he took off and has since been dancing at least 3 nights a week since he started. Now he DJs, travels, writes, blogs, and teaches when his schedule permits. You can still see him at most of the classes and events in the valley.


In 2012 Taran started dancing because his friends wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing Tango was. Skeptical, one day Taran said enough was enough, and went to the local college tango club class to see what all the fuss was about. It only took him the one night, and he was completely hooked on the dance. Now, he’s the one who won’t stop talking about tango, and is now the Southern Oregon Universty tango club instructor and DJ. Taran started DJing locally because he wanted to have an even deeper appreciation and understanding of the music and the dance. As a writer, the concept of having the music over the course a milonga tell a story intrigued him, especially one that changed every night. HIs goal is always to play great traditional music to tell that story.

Stephen & Sara

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Jesse & Heather

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Judith & JP

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Lupus & Hannah

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